Strategic Objectives And Key Interviews

Objective 1

By 2026, Access to comprehensive and quality healthcare and well being services for GBQ men has improved

Key Interventions

  • Through creation of healthcare access channels
  • Through health awareness sessions and sex sexuality and reproductive health education
  • Through creation of strategic partnerships with allies and healthcare service providers
  • Through exploration of the digital space to innovate relevant access solution
Objective 2

By 2026, GBQ men have improved access to protection and safe spaces

Key Interventions

  • Provide physical and digital security training and awareness sessions to mitigate risks
  • Strengthen capacity of shelters to support GBQ persons at risk
  • Develop and provide emergency relocation services
  • Foster-family reconciliation by increasing SOGIE awareness among parents and guardians
Objective 3

By 2026, GBQ men are able to develop their own businesses and create job opportunities for their communities

Key Interventions

  • Develop business and hands-on skills among GBQ men
  • Provide linkages to job opportunities for qualified and skilled persons
  • Create linkages to financial institutions and government financing programs
  • Create a platform for career guidance and mentorship
Objective 4

By 2026, Lifeline Youth Empowerment Centre has grown into a reputable organization effectively serving more GBQ persons in Uganda

Key Interventions

  • Through development of the Board and staff capacities to improve internal governance
  • Increase on resource mobilization efforts
  • Develop relevant and dynamic programs
  • Establish a membership data base and a feedback mechanism
  • Widen the coverage to being a national organization